EMDR Research

We’re trialling a public-facing directory of EMDR research that’s being thought of, planned, underway, being prepared for publication or ready to share.

Anyone working on an EMDR-related research project is invited to submit via this form details of what they’re up to, inviting feedback and collaboration.

This is an independent initiative of EMDR Association members, supported by and in partnership with the Association but self-managed by a small group of enthusiasts chaired and prodded by Jo Coombs and Mark Brayne.

It’s also being set up to shadow and echo discussions about EMDR Research on the new eponymous EMDR Research Google Group, which colleagues are invited to join here.

The aim is to approach the desperately-needed subject of EMDR research in both a top-down manner (big projects managed and financed by and in explicit partnership with the Association) and bottom-up, which is what these pages are all about – democratic, open, collegial, informal as well as, ideally, publication-focused.

Note that we’re using the umbrella forum of the EMDR Association’s East Anglia Regional Group website, drawing also on modest funding which the group has available for worthy projects and their support requirements.

All contributions welcome, while noting that both the Google Group and these webpages will be tightly managed and monitored, with the invitation to all to contribute in a spirit of curiosity, respect and kindness.

Any criticisms of anything related to this project must first be directed the individual posting the original ideas. Generic criticisms will be removed from the discussion, and colleagues invited to either resubmit their thoughts or to reconsider whether they wish to be part of this network.

In that spirit, a warm welcome,

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