EMDR East Anglia First Network Day Saturday, Oct 18 2014

Meeting called to order at 10am by meeting Chair Mark Brayne.

Introductions- including Presentation from Mark Brayne

Group work in pairs and threes

Key questions and issues arising from group work:

  • Discussion of importance of preparation, safety and the therapeutic alliance.
  • Somatic and emotional factors in many ways more important than the cognitive
  • When is it OK to move away from the Standard Protocol. E.g. when the words aren’t there, as with children and also with learning disabilities. Bearing in mind that with adults too, we’re usually working with child ego states. Using drawing, putting buzzers even in socks with an 18-month-old!
  • Training and accreditation, with so very few going on from former to the latter. Absence of supervision opportunities, and postcode lottery. Trainees using EMDR without any supervision. Scary. Importance of supervision –- difficulties in EMDR world in accessing supervision.
  • Could there be a middle tier of supervisors? Not all need to be consultants. Using Practitioners with some training in supervision. Would help maybe reduce dropout rate, Need a list of supervisors.
  • Israel has flexibility and response to the environment. EMDR seen as working and adapting there, with fantastic success with modified protocols and on the battlefield.
  • Accreditation approaching managers – it would be helpful to have guidelines for supervision.

Group work- key things wanted from a Regional Group

Open Forum- with Consultants Roger Kingerlee and Mark Brayne

  • Own experience of EMDR as client – would this be beneficial to practitioners? Does it need to be a requirement?
  • Supervision: is this flagged up on training as a key developmental process?
  • JISCmail – debates and signpost to articles
  • Frequency of supervision?

– maybe more needed as begin practising

– peer supervision valuable- expanding vistas

– Maybe Skype group supervision

– VSee, Google Hangouts, Fuze, other platforms….

– mix of consultant supervision(adds to accreditation) and peer supervision (doesn’t count for hours)

CPD  Training

– could there be local CPD?

– great training in the country but travel and time is a block to attendance

Ideas for training

– eg. To expand brief informally that we can get from books

  • Interweaves
  • Safe etc place
  • Resource installation
  • People’s creative solutions
  • Laurel Parnell- brilliant stuff on attachment-focused EMDR
  • Masterclass CDs could be a basis for peer group workshop

Paucity of trainers in UK 5 only, and flat out. EMDR Europe rules only trainers can train.


– EMDR Casebook ed. Manfield….

– EMDR Solutions 1 & 2 ed. Robin Shapiro

– EMDR Made Simple Jamie Marich

– Master & His Emissary Iain McGilchrist

Question and answer session covering:

  • Learning disability
  • BLS
  • Autistic Spectrum
  • Psychosis
  • Managing Dissociation
  • Children
  • Grief
  • Training
  • Skype
  • Adapted protocol
  • Eating Disorders
  • OCD

Nomination/ selection/election of core steering group:

Mark Brayne – Chairman and Regional Coordinator East Anglia and specifically also Norfolk.

Richard Holborn – Coordinator Cambridge area

Walid Abdul-Hamid – Coordinator Chelmsford area

Kerry Hebdon – Treasurer

Annabel Hare – Secretary

Michael Rivers, Sonya Farrell, Maeve Allison, Jutta Brayne, Catherine Parker

Actions Agreed:

To hold networking events in each of our sub-regions every 3 months or so with one bigger East Anglia Regional Conference once a year.

Meeting closed at 4.15pm

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