Group Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for EMDR East Anglia Regional Group

EMDR East Anglia is a regional group affiliated to EMDR UK Association.


To create and hold a meeting and sharing space for those practicing EMDR in the region, as well as to engage with, be consulted on and contribute to matters relating to EMDR best practice and the work of the EMDR Association UK.


The Steering Group is elected by the members and has a formal mandate to represent the regional membership, adhering to the Association’s Ethical Guidelines and promoting best practice, fidelity, and the integrity of EMDR. The Regional Group serves as focus for coordinating EMDR activity in East Anglia, and promotes the Objects of the Association by:  

  1. Providing a forum for discussion of EMDR matters, and supporting and coordinating smaller groups within the region such as interest groups, supervision groups etc;
  2. Acting as communication link with the Association Board on matters of interest to local members, proactively seeking membership feedback and informing the Board of members’ opinions and needs;
  3. Disseminating information and providing training about EMDR through conferences, courses and workshops, and any other appropriate activities at a local level.


The East Anglia Regional Steering Group is made up of therapists trained by an EMDR Europe-Accredited trainer and who have completed at least Part 1 of EMDR Training. The Regional Group is open to both members and non-members of the EMDR Association UK.  


The Regional Steering Group is elected by the membership, made up of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and no fewer than two ordinary members. The tenure of the office is two years. Steering Group members are currently (Jan 2022) as follows:

Chair: Lauli Moschini
Secretary: Ushma Patel
Asst. Secretary: Carsten Dernedde
Treasurer: Joe Kearney

Trauma Aid Reps: Sonya Farrell & Michael Rivers
Past Chair: Michelle Griffiths-Reeve
Media: Mark Brayne
Ordinary Members: James Thomas & Sally Stratton-Woodward

Meeting Arrangements

Steering Group meetings take place every two months on Monday evenings from 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm on Zoom. Where possible or appropriate the Steering Group meets in-person up to twice a year at a venue agreed by members.

The Secretary ensures minutes are distributed to the members as soon as possible after each meeting and no later than one week before the next meeting. Proposals are seconded before they are passed, for which there needs to be a quorum of at least four members. Communication between meetings is through the members’ regional group email address.


The Steering Group reports to the Association Board. Queries or concerns are raised with the RSIG Coordinator. Meeting Minutes are forwarded to the Association Secretary after each meeting. Minutes/reports from the Regional AGM are submitted at least one month before the EMDR Association UK’s annual national conference.

Resources & Budgets

The Regional Group holds a working balance of monies in the Regional Bank Account. Additional surplus is sent to the Association for managing Association business and meeting the Association Objects, or to other EMDR-related charities.


The Steering Group will ensure that two regional events are arranged for April and November every year.  A timeslot is reserved for the AGM during the November meeting.  The Steering Group may, at its discretion, organise other workshops or masterclasses to meet the expressed desires of the wider EMDR therapist community.  Wherever possible Association members will receive a reduction on CPD events put on by the region.  Every effort will be made to increase the Association membership by promoting membership at the workshops/events.


These terms of reference will be reviewed and updated as required to stay relevant and appropriate.  They will be reviewed at the Steering Group’s January 2023 meeting.

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