EMDR East Anglia Autumn Networking, with dreams, Flash and MUS. Saturday Nov 20 2021.

Flash, Dream Completion, Post-Covid & Online, Chemical Sensitivity: a day of East Anglian EMDR networking.

0930-1630 Saturday Nov 20 2021

£40 EMDR Association UK Members: £60 for Non-Members

Join us for a day of regional (but not just us in East Anglia) networking, with Justin Havens in the morning taking us through his Dream Completion Technique and offering an introduction to the ever-more-popular Flash Technique.

Justin will be with us for the first half of the morning, after which we’ll break into smaller groups to consider how we might use and pursue the ideas he’s presented.

Following our thoroughly enjoyable Mindfulness- and yoga-focused half-day online with Jamie Marich on June 26, our regular autumn gathering will also present some exciting new practice-based research from our own regional Steering Group member Mike Rivers.

Mike will take us through a case study where he used attachment-informed EMDR with an older client presenting with decades of debilitating multiple chemical sensitivity. Not surprisingly, as they delved deeper, this client’s experience echoed profound attachment disruption in earlier childhood, which once identified and addressed with creative, relational courage, resolved to the client’s very much more surprising joy.

Mike’s presentation and discussion will raise questions how this presentation also maps across onto a raft of other symptoms often described as medically unexplained (MUS), including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and much more.

After Mike, we’ll end the day with a presentation from our own Mark Brayne on the East Anglia Group-funded research project of which you will have heard, which in partnership with Sheffield University is exploring clients’ and therapists’ experience of EMDR online during a time of Covid.

Throughout the day we’ll also be convening into smaller discussion groups, using Zoom’s useful breakout function, with plenty of opportunity to network and liaise and discuss the various passions about EMDR that make our community so vibrant.

Indeed, as an afterthought here, our East Anglia Regional Group is going to be focusing more in the next period, definitely online and perhaps once again in-person, on networking and personal connections between our members, with space as our events unfold for colleagues to present on their own areas of particular passion.

Perhaps there’s a passion you’d like to share? Let us know.

In the meantime, do sign up for the November networking day, and we look forward to seeing you again there.