EMDR Therapy and Parts Work: Working with the Inner System Across the Lifespan in Complex Trauma, with Ana Gomez

The EMDR Association UK’s regional East Anglia group are thrilled to have secured the internationally renowned, indeed legendary EMDR Consultant and Trainer Ana Gomez for our next networking day online in April 2021, to take us through how, as EMDR therapists, to work with complex trauma, parts and our client’s inner systems.

Where: Online, on Zoom.

When: 1400-2100 UK time Saturday April 24 2021 (note the afternoon and evening times, as Ana will be presenting from the US).

STOP PRESS – Ana has generously agreed that we can record the day, so even if you can’t be with us live, if you’re paid and signed up you’ll have access to full workshop video, audio and recorded chat for a further month, also qualifying for the CPD points.

How to book and cost: via Eventbrite here. £55 for Association members, £60 for non-members

With 6 EMDR Association UK CPD Points

Ana M Gomez, MC, LPC born in Colombia (South America) is a psychotherapist in private practice, author of several books, chapters and articles, and a lecturer internationally known for her innovative work with children and adolescents.

She’s an EMDRIA approved consultant, an EMDRIA advanced training provider, an EMDR Institute and EMDR-IBA trainer and a trainer of trainers.

As Ana describes it, clients with complex and developmental trauma present with layers of trauma, adversity, attachment injuries and unmet needs.

They are mixed and combined with entrenched defences, trauma-related phobias and mechanisms of adaptations.

These children, adolescents and adults self-organise internally to meet the demands of traumatising and relationally-impoverished environments.

Due to their complex internal self-organisation, parts work can aid EMDR clinicians and their clients throughout the eight phases of treatment.

This presentation will provide a clear theoretical framework along with specific, practical and creative tools and strategies to explore and work with entrenched maladaptive forms of self-protection using parts work.

Clients with intricate inner systems present with significant conflict among polarised parts.

This workshop will cover protocols and EMDR-based strategies that deal with diverged and conflicted parts.

Inner child interventions that can support the stabilization as well as the exploration and processing of traumatogenic material will be addressed.

This day will present sandtray, expressive arts and playful strategies that can be used with clients of all ages.

Objectives for the day:

Clinicians will be able to:

  1. 45 min: Cite the theories that help us understand defences and phobia formation in complexly traumatised individuals;
  2. 45 min: Utilise creative strategies to educate clients of all ages about self-states as well as to explore defences and phobias;
  3. 1:30 hours: Utilise practical and creative tools and strategies to explore, unblend and work with defensive and wounded self-states using parts work during preparation phase of EMDR therapy;
  4. 30 min: Utilise parts work to explore and work with the internal conflict and trauma-related phobias;
  5. 1:30 hours: Utilise inner child interventions to meet unmet needs during initial phases of treatment as well as processing phases;
  6. 1 hour: Utilise EMDR interweaves that incorporate inner child work as well as parts work

Besides her work with EMDR (on which she is very widely published), Ana has received training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Theraplay, Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), and the use of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI).

She has worked with children, adolescents, adults and families affected by trauma and adversity for over 25 years, presenting in more than 40 cities in the USA.

She has also presented in close to 30 cities in four continents: Canada (Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna, Penticton, Toronto), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), New Zealand (Auckland), Japan (Tokyo), Denmark (Copenhagen) ,Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Italy (Milan), UK (Edinburg, London), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Chile (Santiago de Chile), Brazil (Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba) , Ecuador (Quito), Colombia (Bogota, Medellin & Manizales), Guatemala and Costa Rica.

In addition to helping children and adolescents, Ana also specializes in working with adults dealing with issues of depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, complex PTSD, dissociation and grief issues.

On a personal level, Ana enjoys nature and loves to dance to all kinds of music, especially salsa. She also loves to spend time with her husband, her family and friends, and her beloved pets.

Ana treasures moments of silence, play, and laughter as well as the connection with others.

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